Mauer Baby { Newborn } Reno,NV

Danny ~

I’m the youngest of 4, and my parents started doing foster care when I was 9. I moved out at 18, got married at 19, and we had our first baby at 20. So for 24 years of my life I’ve lived in a house with babies; holding them, changing them, keeping them fed, burped, clean and happy! I’m comfortable around these cute little humans, I adore their innocence. 

Sometimes your best skill sets form in a way you would never imagine, I think part of life is about finding them them and using them to bless those around you. It also helps to have an amazing wife who points these things out to you and encourages you to pursue them!

Shelley ~

I giggle when people call Danny the “baby whisperer”  because it sounds funny but its so true!  The babies can feel how calm he is, how safe he feels, and the parents feel it too.  He is definitely a pro in the baby and kid department, and not just because I have witnessed him raise our babies.  He genuinely loves families and wants to see the best for them, and photographing them is such a great creative outlet for him.  I feel so lucky to get to work with him!