Nice to meet you!

We are a husband and wife photography team based in Reno, NV.   We love to shoot numerous subjects, in various situations, all with a light-hearted, easygoing nature.   At each of our sessions, we strive to create the best images possible by encouraging you to relax, have some fun, and most importantly, revel in your surroundings and loved ones as we create a unique memory together!


Danny Lemaire

Photography is about more than pretty pictures to me, it’s about the thousands of relationships we’ve started with clients along the way. It’s about allowing me to be a part of someone’s life who would otherwise be a stranger. If I can take a picture that makes a mother fall in love with her baby all over again every time she looks at it, even when her baby is no longer a baby, then I am satisfied.

Shelley Lemaire

Danny’s other half and a Mama Bear to my wildlings, a craft enthusiast, and a photographer. I find my happiest moments are creating something beautiful. Danny and I started Lemaire Photo with a huge leap of faith and lots of hard work and it has been an adventure! One I will never take for granted.