Maybe this is going back too far, but photography started as a hobby for me when I was 15. I'd borrow my dad's old SLR and burn through a couple rolls of film on a hike or a road trip. At 17 I took a photography class at the local college, but found it very frustrating to have my work graded based on someone else's style and opinions. 

In 2009 when our oldest son's 4th birthday came around we decided not to do birthday pictures in a department store studio. Shelley had been following a few "lifestyle" photographer's blogs, so we decided to try our best to do our own session. Looking back, the pictures were terrible, but at the time we were ecstatic with the outcome! 

Almost immediately we started getting inquiries from our friends, asking if we could take pictures of their kiddos. It was incredibly exciting to have a hobby that showed some promise of a secondary income. At the time I was already working two jobs, photography soon became a third and the favorite job. 

I taught Shelley how to use the camera, she was a natural and she quickly got involved with other local mom-photographers that inspired and pushed her to become an amazing photographer and editor. She realized early on that she preferred editing instead of shooting, so we easily fell into the roles of husband/wife, photographer/editor. 

Our little hobby/side job started growing and got to a point where it was not longer practical to schedule all of our sessions around a full-time job. We were losing our minds with how busy we were and knew we had to make a choice: either stop photography and focus on just one "real" job, or take a terrifying leap into role of Owner/Operator. No job security, no back up, no savings... But also no boss, and a lot of freedom. 

We took the leap to become full time photographers in January 2012 and although it has not been easy, we have never regretted it! 

As our business continued to grow we realized that we needed help. Shelley's brother Shane, and his wife Aspen had been doing photography in Southern California for a few years at this point, we liked them and we liked their style, so we invited them to come be part of Lemaire photography in Reno. They jumped at the opportunity for an exciting change and moved to Reno in September 2015. 

We are so excited for what we hope for in the future of our company. We absolutely love all the people and the strong community in Reno! 

Reno is home!